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CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of Natrona County is a caring non-profit organization that speaks for the best interests of abused and neglected children within the juvenile court system. CASA recruits, trains and supports volunteers drawn from a diverse population to provide this service.

Our Vision

By giving a voice to children, we break the cycle of abuse and neglect, one child at a time.


Our mission is to ensure success in all areas of development.

Our mission is to ensure success in all areas of development.


CASA volunteers receive training in court procedure and how to interact with others in the case to help represent the needs of the child.


CASA programs across the country train volunteers to work on behalf of children in the foster care system. What will you do for the child?

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Advocate Spotlight

Stephanie Smith was sworn in as a CASA advocate in October 2017. Stephanie is currently appointed to 2 cases. She was asked to take a new case in January of 2019, when it appeared the case she was currently advocating for would soon be closing.

Stephanie had been on advocate on the prior case since January of 2018 and had developed a strong relationship with the child and family. The case seemed to be progressing smoothly towards a guardianship with the placement leaving Stephanie open to taking a new case.

Suddenly, everything changed in her prior case and her advocacy and relationship with the child became increasingly important. Stephanie has dedicated herself to both cases and to ensuring that the child’s voice and best interest are heard. She is very active with the children in her cases and is making a lasting impact in their lives.

We are so grateful for Stephanie Smith’s advocacy and support to the children she speaks up for!

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