Success Stories

When John Wallingford became a CASA advocate in June of 2014, I’m sure he had no idea that in 15 short months, he would touch the lives of 7 children in 4 different families. After being sworn in, John immediately jumped in and got started on his first case; a case with 4 children!  John quickly gained rapport with the children, and their parents, and was often a friendly face that showed up to the family’s home at dinner time carrying in a couple of pizza boxes.  John embraced this family’s strengths, and supported their weaknesses.

One afternoon, John realized that the mother’s lack of gas money and stable transportation was a barrier to the children getting to school. Being the problem solver that John is, he immediately sprang in to action to assist the family.  He asked the mom if she was ok with the children riding the bus to school.  Mom agreed, so John called the Bus Depot and worked out all the details of getting the 11 year old girl signed up to ride the bus that afternoon.  Knowing that the little girl would be anxious about riding the bus, as she never had, John waited for her outside of school.  When the little girl arrived outside, John’s smiling face greeted her and made sure she got on the correct bus.  John then drove his own vehicle behind the bus to the “bus hub” and made sure that she transferred to the correct bus and did not get lost.  Again, John followed the bus to the bus stop, parked, and when the little girl got off the bus at the stop close to her home, John walked her the rest of the way to ensure she got home safely and learned her route.

John is not a CASA for the notoriety.  John is not a CASA for the praise.  John is a CASA because he truly wants to make a difference in the lives of the children he reaches, and give them a chance at a brighter future.  We need more Johns in this world.

We cannot thank you enough, John, for the grueling work you do for these children, day in and day out, rain or shine, no matter how busy you are. You are a shining example that one person can make a difference!

Elaine was sworn in as a CASA advocate on June 6th, 2007 and received her first case twelve days later. Since then she has worked a total of six cases. Elaine has always been very conscientious and dedicated when visiting the children she had been assigned to, even when it was difficult to get through the snow drifts at the ranch she lives on during the winter. Elaine has exceptional experience with the school district and teaching. That made her feel very comfortable getting the teachers perspective on how the children were doing. During one of her cases in particular, she regularly visited the children in their school setting, in addition to visiting them at their home. Elaine always shows understanding and compassion in dealing with the children, their parents and extended families. She prepares thorough evaluations of the circumstances of her cases and used the facts acquired to make informal decisions. Elaine attends in-service training and utilizes the knowledge provided. She has acquired 83.5 hours in the last three and a half years. With her experience, dedication and willingness to take on difficult cases, Elaine Scott epitomizes what a CASA Advocate is!! Thank you for the great work!!!

Kathy became a CASA Advocate in February 2011. Kathy made the decision to become an advocate after realizing that children are the most underserved segment of our population and she wanted to be able to help them. Kathy works as an attorney here in Casper and has a wonderful daughter and husband. Since becoming an advocate Kathy is currently working two sibling CASA cases that involve 3 children. Before Christmas Kathy was instrumental in securing and making sure her CASA kids were delivered new beds and mattresses at their new apartment with their grandmother. Kathy also made the kids each wonderful and personal fleece blankets so they would have warm and cozy bedding. Then she topped that with getting her sisters family involved so they would also have new sheets and pillows. Kathy has done a lot more for her CASA kids and is always trying to figure out how to make life just a little better for them. CASA of Natrona County and the children that Kathy serves are very lucky to have her dedication and commitment. Thank you Kathy for the job that you do.

Ken Capasso became an advocate in March 2010. Since that time he has been a great role model to two young men in our community. Ken stated he wanted to be an advocate because he had a desire to contribute to the community, specifically children. In the short time that I have worked with Ken he has shown some amazing support to his CASA kids. One of the boys is a very good athlete and when it came time for his birthday Ken purchased the young man a pair of athletic shoes that he would not have been able to have otherwise. Ken also takes time to go to activities the boys are involved in and shows them support. The dedication that Ken has shown to his CASA kids is very appreciated by the kids themselves and also the staff and community. Great Job Ken!!!!!