The Campaign for CASA of Natrona County

All children have the right to be safe.

CASA of Natrona County is undertaking a transformative $2 million campaign to ensure that every abused child in the protective care of the courts in Natrona County has a CASA volunteer advocate. The Campaign, 2 in 3, will raise 2 million dollars in 3 years to serve the abused children in Natrona County and help to ensure that CASA of Natrona County will be here to serve these children forever.


There are abused children in Natrona County who are waiting for a CASA volunteer. Amidst an overwhelmed child welfare system, judges need detailed current information to make the best decisions for these children. CASA volunteers are trained to gather information that helps judges decide the best possible outcomes for the children.

A CASA volunteer can make all the difference in the life of an abused child. A CASA volunteer acts as the eyes and the ears of the courts. CASA volunteers get to know the children, review records, research information and talk to everyone involved in a child’s life – social workers, attorneys, parents, teachers and family members. This enables CASA volunteers to form an understanding of the children’s circumstances and make recommendations that help judges decide the best permanent home for the children. And throughout this very difficult and frightening time, the children benefit emotionally from the steady support of caring dedicated volunteers.


Serving all the children means that CASA of Natrona County needs increased levels of support to recruit and train additional volunteer advocates and to hire additional program staff to supervise them.

At a cost of $5375 per year to provide a CASA volunteer to help an abused child, the goal of the campaign is have every child served by the year 2018. With your support, together, we can help abused children heal and become healthy, successful adults. Please help us make sure every abused child in Natrona County has a CASA volunteer.

Thank you to those who have supported The Campaign for CASA of Natrona County – 2 in 3.

Why Give

Your donation will make a difference

Your donations to CASA of Natrona County support the recruitment, training and supervision of volunteers who serve our community’s abused and neglected children. The goal of CASA of Natrona County is to serve all children who come through the foster care system in Natrona County, but sadly, currently there are children on the waiting list.
CASA of Natrona County has a strong and steady history demonstrating its ability to grow the number of children it serves. Every year for the past 10 years, the number of abused and neglected children coming into foster care has increased. In 2014, CASA of Natrona County served 304 children with more than 1400 hours and over 7200 miles driven.

Your donation directly impacts the lives of abused children and helps ensure that they grow up in safe, permanent and loving homes.

  • It costs $5375per year to provide a CASA volunteer to help an abused child find a safe, permanent home.
  • It costs taxpayers more than $20,000.00 per year to provide child welfare services for an abused or neglected child in foster care.
  • Donor dollars are optimally leveraged because funds are used to train and support volunteers who provide services for the children through donated time.

CASA of Natrona County is a 501(c)(3) public charity. All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

CASA volunteers are appointed to one case at a time and remain on the case until it is closed.  These volunteers help to ensure that a child’s right to a safe and permanent home is acted upon by the court in a timely and sensitive manner.

Today, there are 80 CASA volunteers representing the best interests of abused and neglected children in Natrona County.  Over 300 children are served annually by the organization.